Does your church really need a website?

Church WebsiteThe short answer is YES! Emphatically, YES!! Every church today should have a website!

I have opportunity to visit in many different churches. One thing I always do before going is to look on the church’s website for any relevant information—address, starting times, names of church leaders, etc. Now, if I check out these things knowing that I’m going anyway, what do people in the church’s community do when looking for a church?

In today’s culture, the first thing most people do is check out the websites. Sadly, many small- to mid-size churches either don’t have a website at all, or they have a sickly site that hasn’t been updated in months—or maybe years.

A church’s website is the modern-day front door of the church. Be sure your site is attractively designed, with eye-pleasing graphics. Have all the basic important information (address, times, etc.) right on the front page so that visitors don’t have to search for it. And have a domain name that is as short, yet distinctive, as possible. ( isn’t good!)

At the very least, have a Facebook Page (it’s free!). Just remember to include all the pertinent information in the profile and on the “About” page.

Businesses have known the importance of a web page for years…it’s time for the church to catch up!

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