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Jim & Diane teaching

We have hundreds of testimonials from people who have benefitted from our ministry and programs! Here are just a few.

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All comments are used by permission.
  • “Excellent presentation, Jim!”Shawn McMullen, Ohio (preacher and former Editor of The Lookout Magazine)
  • “I felt so comfortable and at ease asking questions and sharing. There were no bad questions but all great answers.”Laurie Mertz, Indiana
  • “Your passion is very clear. You have inspired me to think beyond what I am comfortable with. You made teaching come alive and I thank you for all of your work.”Denise Sterling, Tennessee
  • “The whole program was excellent. This was exactly what this church needed to hear. We needed to be educated on these issues. The 2 days here were well worth the time.”Dale Brown, Indiana  
  • “It was the best teacher training seminar I have attended in that it went beyond theory and dealt with specifics—the practical—the ‘how-to’—ideas that could be implemented.”Dr. Harvey Bream, Jr., minister and retired President of Cincinnati Christian University, Cincinnati, OH
  • “What you are offering is of vital importance to our churches. You have given us a true motivation to love, learn and live the Word of God.”Bob Moulden, North Carolina
  • “God is doing some great things through your ministry. Thank you so much for coming. It was rejuvenating!”John Emmons, Ohio
  • “This is the most informative Sunday School seminar I’ve attended. Thank you & God bless!”Darlene Anderson, Ohio
  • “When you come and teach I feel able to keep going as a teacher.”Patti Price, Alaska
  • “I learned more from your sermons in one year than in the 52 years at my previous church.”Connie Frenger, Ohio
  • “My life is very busy and as a result I wasn’t super excited about attending this seminar, but once I was in the seminar my excitement grew. My batteries have been recharged and the time and effort will not go unrewarded.”Richard Jones, Pennsylvania
  • “Our teachers are so fired up! Can’t wait to put these wonderful ideas into action. We’re already looking forward to Teacher Training 2. I’m so pleased to have this Biblically sound resource for our use. Thank you!”Jean Houston, Alaska
  • “Jim was a great teacher. The class answered many questions. May God bless you and your ministry.”Eddie Matney, Kentucky
  • “This was one of the best teaching seminars I have ever attended. Each phase was interesting, informative and enjoyable. Jim & Diane are truly a great team. May God continue to bless your ministry.”Dee Modlin, North Carolina
  • “You gave us the encouragement, guidance and momentum to start the changes that were necessary in improving our programs. We thank you so much for getting the ball started, as we didn’t know where to begin before our training from you.”Roberta Sheets, West Virginia
  • “I am so thankful that you are teaching strong, Biblical views on church leadership.”Shane Lockard, Kentucky
  • “Jim McLoud’s seminar taught us how to lead the church by God’s laws and not by-laws. This was done by teaching us how the New Testament church handled the work of the Lord’s church. Then he listened to how we operate and made suggestions that could improve our work. Every answer he gave was scriptural as well as friendly. His presentation left us enthused and eager to do whatever it takes to glorify God.”Jack King, Ohio
  • “Very professional seminar, loaded with excellent ideas to help teachers. Better than most public school in-services I have attended.”Bill Brown, Ohio
  • “I’ve been to other seminars. I was skeptical of what this would be. Sometimes it seems like someone has found a job that pays OK and found a way to take 5 hours to get a point discussed. I did not see that here. All the information was useful and scriptural. Very timely for our situation.”Dennis Day, Ohio
  • “This seminar gave me a better understanding of what a prepared teacher means to God’s work in the church. Thank you, this session has been a blessing.”Debbie Jordan, Kentucky
  • “I have been in the preaching ministry for 4½ years and am now in youth ministry. Your spirit and material have been ever enlightening and encouraging for this new, God-designed beginning.”Leo Lavin, Maryland
  • “I came expecting to find cut & dry answers. What I found was the answers, but it was through developed Christian insight, not through structured 1-2-3 techniques. Thank you for an excellent learning experience.” – Ted Manuel, North Carolina  
  • “To all of your subscribers may I say that we are still teaching the same things we have taught all along, but with the new tools we now have from your ministry, the lessons have much more impact on these kids’ lives. Thanks so much again for all your help.”Dennis Kloehr, Maryland
  • “Good for inexperienced and veteran teachers.”Judy Shepherd, Kentucky
  • “I have taught for over 30 years and tried many ideas. However, I have about exhausted all ideas. I now have new ideas and excitement as I approach teaching next quarter. The seminar was excellent. Thank you.”Harriett Hardison, North Carolina
  • It was the first time in 30 years that I understand how elders can properly serve the congregation as God instructs.”Barney Conley, Pennsylvania
  • “I was pleasantly surprised and enlightened. Jim and Diane did a wonderful job. Some ingenious ideas. Their research and study is much appreciated. Absolutely invaluable.”Connie Allen, Ohio
  • “I wanted our men to be taught and challenged. I honestly thought there was nothing new you could tell them. They’ve come away refreshed, challenged, and chompin’ at the bit to get to work. I was pleasantly surprised!”Walker Gaulding, Virginia
  • “Jim was very knowledgeable of material presented. He was very clear on subjects. Also made it clear on items that were his opinion.”Mike Travis, West Virginia
  • “Each time you’ve done a presentation for us, it’s been excellent. Teach for Maximum Impact was relevant from start to finish, packed with very practical material.”Mark Wilmoth, North Carolina
  • “Super fantastic work session!! Hope to see you again.”Robin Wagner, Ohio
  • “This seminar was very informative. The instructor was well-prepared and made it fun and enjoyable also.”Jimmy Davenport, North Carolina
  • “I wanted to find practical, useful information on how to make my lessons more fun and interesting. I was overwhelmed with information! I loved the visual aids. Great presentation!”Kathleen Spencer, Michigan
  • “I liked having the workbook to use and make notes in as the day went along. It was great to see samples of visuals, games and posters to look at.”Julie Bettis, Illinois
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