Use this idea to help your church close the “back door”

It’s the age-old question: “How do we close the back door?” Churches, it seems, are constantly looking for ways to keep their new attenders and members.

One tool we’ve seen used very effectively has been the “Inquirers’ Night.” This is a special night set aside each quarter when any new members or attenders at your church can informally meet all the ministers and leaders of the congregation.

The area where the event would be held should be comfortable and relaxing. Basic refreshments (coffee, Kool-Aid, vegetables & dip, chips, etc.) could be available as people arrive.

At one event that we observed it was required of all the church’s ministers to attend, and the elders were strongly requested. After an informal “get acquainted” time, everyone was seated and each of the church leaders introduced themselves and their wives, and gave a brief bit of personal information (on this night, they were to tell of their favorite vacation). One minister spoke about the church’s mission and vision, and visitor’s packets with information about various ministries of the church were handed out. Each minister then gave an overview of the activity and goals of his area of ministry. This was followed by a question/answer time, a prayer time, and then folks were encouraged to stay and talk while finishing off the refreshments.

One woman told me, “It was more than I expected. A lot of elders and their wives were there. I got to talk with the ministers in a more personable setting. It gives you a chance to meet them all, and not just hear about them.” She said that the evening helped to reaffirm the decision that she and her husband had made to stay with the church.

Inquirers’ Night is just one tool in the work of the church, but it can be an invaluable one. Why not give it a try?


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