Picture 3With more than 40 years in ministry, I have experience in a wide variety of programs for churches. I’d love to come to your church or area to partner with you in strengthening your church.


I’ve preached in many revivals through the years. You can contact me here for schedule availability.


Many churches—especially smaller ones—do not have multiple staff to help with the preaching when their minister is out of town. I often schedule Sundays to fill the pulpit in these churches.


When a church loses their preacher, it is difficult for them to go a length of time without the consistency of preaching and teaching. Not only do visitors look elsewhere, but members will often slack off in their attendance and service. If your church is without a preacher, you can contact me to discuss the option of having me work with your congregation for a period of time. Not only can this stabilize your situation, but it could also help the church move forward during a normally difficult time.


For more information about having me speak at your church in any of these programs, click here.

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